Mobile Alert Systems
SmartAlert™ for Schools
A smartphone-based app for emergency and non-emergency school communications. With the push of a button notify all school personnel and/or parents.

In emergencies, it currently takes the average school two to five minutes to inform all of its teachers that they must get their children behind locked doors. SmartAlert™ reduces that time to just seconds. The app allows you to notify parents what they should do, as well.

SmartAlert™ also provides schools the ability to communicate with personnel and parents on their smartphones for things like early-out days, assemblies and school events.
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Video: SmartAlert for Schools
SmartAlert™ is always ready. All school personnel have the SmartAlert™ app on their smartphones and computers. When a threat is recognized, pushing the large button in the middle of the screen immediately and simultaneously notifies all others of the present threat or emergency. 
SmartAlert™ has several redundancies to maximize dependability. When WiFi is not available, the system uses cellular. If a smartphone isn’t available, the system uses the classroom computer. False alarms are mitigated through a double-verification system, requiring a swipe to confirm an alert.
Easy to Setup
School personnel simply download the SmartAlert™ app and answer a few quick questions. The school office, district office and/or police department download the AlertCentral™ app onto a tablet or smartphone. Again, a few simple steps and the system is up and running.
Easy to Use
Once the SmartAlert™ system is in place, using it is easy. If there's an emergency, press the alert button. Once you confirm that you want to send the alert, all others will be notified instantly. You are prompted to send text, photos or video in order to give as much useful information to others as possible.
SmartAlert™ is as easy on the budget as it is easy to use. While prices may vary depending on any requested customization, most schools will pay $200 per month to activate the entire system.