Mobile Alert Systems - FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions About SmartAlert™ for Schools
The SmartAlert™ for Schools Alert and Notification System is designed to add a layer of protection to your existing emergency preparedness systems. Others have evaluated SmartAlert™ and, like you, have intelligent questions about how it would work in their schools. Please take time to read the answers to these questions. If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to call or email.
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Q: What if I want the principal to be the only one who can execute a campus lock-down?

A: SmartAlert™ can provide the option of “triple verification” - - in other words, a teacher notices a threat, presses the alert button, swipes to double-verify, and then the principal receives notification and can be the last stop before a campus-wide lockdown occurs. But we don’t recommend this. Schools don’t require this step before pulling a fire alarm because it would cause an unnecessary step and likely delay getting children and staff to safety. We argue the same is true for notifying the campus of other threats, as well.
Q: What if I don’t want to notify the police using this system? What if I would prefer to make a phone call?

A: You can choose who gets notified when SmartAlert™ is activated. The police can be included, or not.
Q: What if WiFi isn’t working? What if cellular isn’t working?

A: SmartAlert™ is designed with redundant systems, acknowledging that communications infrastructure is sometimes intermittent. SmartAlert first attempts to use WiFi to send its signal. If that doesn’t work it uses cellular.
Q: What if my cell phone is out of battery or I forget to turn it on?

A: SmartAlert™ is designed with redundant systems - - one of which is the PC version of SmartAlert™. Regardless of whether your cell phone is turned on, SmartAlert™ will also notify the computer in the classroom and an alarm will sound.
Q: What if I don’t have a smartphone?

A: SmartAlert™ is designed to be used with smartphones. The system can work with standard cell phones, but it is not recommended. Mobile Alert Software™, SmartAlert’s parent company, can supply smartphones and iPads to schools, as well.
Q: Will teachers have an issue using their personal smartphones for school business?

A: Teachers and teacher unions that we have polled are unanimously in favor of implementing the SmartAlert™ system. It not only elevates the level of safety for students, but for all personnel on campus.
Q: Does my phone need to be turned on for the SmartAlert™ system to work? Does the app need to be open for the alarm to activate?

A: Your phone needs to be turned on, but the app need not be open for an alarm to sound. SmartAlert™ uses “push” technology. So, just as your phone will ring or a text message will arrive as soon as your phone is turned on, the same is true with SmartAlert™.
Q: How much does SmartAlert™ cost?

A: The price of SmartAlert is based on school enrollment.
              0 -   1,000 Students     $100/mo.
       1,001 -   1,500 Students     $150/mo.
       1,501 -   2,000 Students     $200/mo.
       2,000 -   3,000 Students     $300/mo.
       3,000 -   4,000 Students     $400/mo.
       Over 4,000 Students     10 cents per student/mo.

All licenses come with unlimited tech support.

Montana schools receive a 50% discount